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What is an ad?

With the term "ad" we mean the communication of news, both advertising or informational, spread through a QR Code and enjoyed on mobile devices.

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What is a landing page?

The landing page of an ad is the specific page that users reach after scanning a QR Code or clicking a link. It shows digital contents which are extensions of the off-line advertisement.

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Are there landing pages ready?

Yes. We have prepared some landing pages so that you can start using the platform right away.

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How can I create a landing page personalized for my ad?

You can create the graphic of your landing page with your usual program for graphic design, for instance Adobe Photoshop. When building your landing page, you can design buttons, add images, icons, text and all that your communication requires to be effective. When your landing page is ready, you can upload it on your ad.

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What dimensions should the landing page have?

The ads you create will be viewable on all smartphones and tablets. When you design the landing page, remember that users will interact with your ads using their fingers, therefore think about something finger-friendly to assure a successful touch experience!
Also remember that smartphones' displays are long and narrow. We suggest that you design landing pages intended for vertical orientation.
Qingers algorithms can automatically resize your landing page by recognizing the smartphone's display properties: it means that your landing page will always be shown with its entire width, while its height may vary. In any case, a long landing page can be scrolled, therefore shown in its entire ratio.

For optimal view, you should create landing pages with the following properties:

  Width Height Format
Suggested properties 450px 800px PNG

If your landing pages have to meet other requirements, you must keep in mind these properties:

Advert's graphic Min Max
Width 320px 1500px
Height 100px none
Weight none 2Mb
Formato PNG, JPG, GIF

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I made some changes but I can't see them with my smartphone

Every time you make a change you have to save it before closing the editor, otherwise it will not be applied.

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How can I create the call-to-action that users should make?


After you have created an ad and uploaded the landing page, you will see a preview of your page inside a smartphone. Go over the landing page preview and define the touch area with the mouse, then the editor will let you choose the actions that you can link to specific digital contents.

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How can I upload a video or a document?

Videos and files can be uploaded directly from the "Gallery". If you forgot to do it before the creation of the advertisement, don't worry, you always have some quick links for uploading inside the editor!

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Can I upload a video of any length or format?

No. Videos that are too long or exceeding in definition could discourage the guest's viewing because he, or she, would have to wait for the buffering or to maintain connection for too long, with all the relative costs.
Considering the usability of the contents on mobile applications, videos have some limitation that you need to envisage:

  • Length: 1 minute maximum.
  • Resolution: low resolution
  • File maximum dimension: 250Mb
  • Formats: mpg, wmv, avi, mpg, mp4

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Can I upload any type of document?

No. You can only upload documents in PDF or business cards in vCard (vcf).
Regarding PDFs we recommend that you don't create files that are too heavy, because users will download them directly on their mobile devices.

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Can I share my ad on social networks?

Of course! You will just have to provide the social networks buttons on your landing page and define the "social link" action from Qingers’ administration editor.

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How can I modify an action? And how can I delete it?

Click on the touch area that you have created on the landing page and click on the pencil to make changes or to delete the area.
You can downsize the area by dragging the window with the button. To move the entire area place the mouse cursor inside it and drag it into the landing page.

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What's the status of ad?

The status of the ad shows the condition of your ad.

  • Online = means that your ad is visible and anyone can scan the QR Code
  • Offline = means that your ad is not visible (anymore)
  • Suspended = your ad is suspended when you run out of credit and is automatically reactivate when you buy new credit

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What's the status of the video?

The status of the video tells you when the video is ready to be used.
After the upload, Qingers automatically proceeds to the conversion of the video, so that it is visible on the main mobile devices.

  • Ready = The video has finished all the processes and is ready to be used in the ad.
  • Processing = Qingers is converting the video, you will have to wait the end of the process to use it.
  • Not successful = Something did not work, you will have to try the upload again and, if there is a permanent error, contact the helpdesk.

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I cannot perform some actions correctly, why?

It is possible that the problems that you are experiencing depend on the browser you are using.
Qingers is a cross browser platform but it has been optimized for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, so we suggest that you use these browsers to have the best user experience.
If in any case you cannot do without Internet Explorer, at least be sure you have the updated version!

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How can I read QR Codes from mobile devices?

To read and decode the QR Codes you need to have a special application on your smartphone. There is more than one (Neo Reader e i-Nigma for example) and you can download them for free from Market Android or Apple Store.

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Which type of smartphones can I view Qingers' ads with?

The ads are visible as they should be on all latest generation mobile devices:

  • Android
  • iPhone
  • Windows Mobile
  • Blackberry

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What dimension should the QR Code have on the printed material?

The QR Code has a minimum print size of 2x2cm.
It is essential, for its readability, that you leave a white margin around the code to frame it. The outline edge is automatically created in a size proportionate to the QR Code.
If you decide to graphically re-edit the QR Code, we suggest not to use delicate or shaded colors because they prevent a correct capture of it.
Also be careful not to add too many graphic elements inside the tag because they could make the information unreadable.
Before you hand it out to the public we recommend that you test it.

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Can I edit the ads keeping the QR Code unchanged?

Yes. You can change the graphics of your landing page and/or the contents of the QR Code at any time, without reprinting your offline materials. Your user will enjoy contents always new and updated.

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Can I send the link to my ad by email??

Yes. Within each ad both the QR Code and the link are generated. You can send it by email or copy it and use it however you prefer.

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Why stats are useful?

Stats are the tool for understanding if you have hit the targets of your campaign. In stats we take visits to the ad and clicks of the user into consideration. 

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What is the difference between the unique and total number of visitors in stats?

Total visitors are the number of user' scans on the QR Code.
The first scan from a user in a day is counted as new unique visitor and new total visitor. Further scans from the same user are counted in total stats but not as unique visitor.

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How can I change my password?

Changing your password is simple: you have to go to the "Profile" section of your account and inside the area "Account information" you can tick off the "Change password" check box. You will be prompted for the old password, the new password and the new password confirmation.

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Haven't you found what you were looking for?

If you haven't found the answer in the FAQs, please contact our team at support@qingers.com

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