Cirio International makes use of Qingers for 14 campaigns worldwide with QR Codes.

Just one QR Code for every million products, with exclusive contents targeted at your public.

Cirio International makes use of Qingers for 14 campaigns worldwide with QR Codes. Just one QR Code for millions of distributed products and exclusive contents targeted at final users.

The first of 14 international campaigns of Cirio International has started in the US, focused on the best Italian recipes with tomatoes. The goal is to increase brand engagement, making it easier for mobile customers to access information exclusively prepared for them. Cirio’s global strategy is based on just one QR Code for all their products, which are distributed both nationwide and worldwide. According to the country where the QR Code is scanned, consumers will be redirected to unique contents especially designed for them. After the US, campaigns will follow in the UK, France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Romania, Albania, Venezuela, Mexico, Canada, Australia and Japan.

Irida Produzioni for I.R.F.

A QR Code for the eagerly awaited match Italy vs. New Zealand.

Irida Productions makes the most of QR Codes in order to boost emotions while waiting for the most spectacular sporting event of the year. Rome is thrilling for the great match and Irida rides the wave of enthusiasm by offering rugby supporters a virtual experience with smartphones.

Anyone who was in Rome the days before November 17, 2012 must have come across the imposing figure of Martin Castrogiovanni, his hair in the wind and eager to engage in battle with the outstanding team of New Zealand. Irida Productions, with the will to satisfy the city strong desire of participation, has decorated its communications on buses with Qingers' QR Codes. Supporters, fans or people just curious could scan the QR Codes and access the landing page prepared for them. From there they could watch a video spot, buy tickets for the match and share their emotions with their friends on social networks.

Municipality of Velletri

A mini-App to welcome visitors and suggest them how to experience the best both of the festival and the town.

Municipality of Velletri, 83rd Grape and wine festival 2013 Thanks to the strategic solution of using Qingers to create a mini-App, the Municipality of Velletri could offer a high quality welcoming service. With just one QR Code printed on flyers, magazines and brochures, it was possible to reach thousands of visitors and offer them a highly technological service for free.

The first Grape and wine festival was held in Velletri on September 28, 1930. Still today, between September and October, the streets of Velletri become real "wine cellars" and host a festival that celebrates the end of grape harvest. Since 1930 many things have changed, not last the visitors' ambition to access useful information in ans easy way and in the moment they need it. For the 83rd edition of the festival, the Municipality of Velletri printed all its off-line communications (flyers, brochures, commercials on magazines) adding a Qingers' QR Code. Scanning that QR Code, people could access to the landing page of the App and through it to many more pages with relevant information about the event: what's in the Festival program, who are the wine producers, where to eat, where to taste wines, a welcome video featuring the city Mayor and the sponsors advertising.

Comune di Genzano, Infiorata 2013

The use of QR Codes for cultural events delivers easily accessible, useful information to the public.

The success of a cultural and artistic event is based on its quality as well as the services offered to the public. The use of QR Codes for events is an innovative and inexpensive way to offer the public easily accessible, useful services and information.

The Infiorata is a huge flower carpet of about 2,000 square meters, with pictures made with over 350,000 flowers. It has been set up every year for the Corpus Domini in Genzano di Roma, since 1778. For 2013, the Municipality has decided to use the QR Codes technology to boost the visitors' experience. QR Codes generated with Qingers have been printed on all promotional material and on billboards describing the works of art. Scanning the QR Codes, visitors can download the 3 day program, have access to information about logistics (how to reach the area of the event, where to park) and about works of art and artists and see exclusive videos and photographs.

ICS on mobile.

QR Codes for innovation and the strengthening of your ties with your community.

QR Codes to spread ICS innovative image and strengthen the ties with its community. The Istituto per il Credito Sportivo reinforces its online identity with a QR Codes mobile campaign.

The Istituto per il Credito Sportivo (ICS) has always paid great attention to communication. According to the Institute's philosophy, communication means "the capacity of creating virtuous networks between institutions, clients and citizens, which are actors and at the same time users of the sport system". From this perspective the use of QR Codes generated by Qingers and printed on official materials, was a strategic move to strengthen the ties with its community and spread the image of an Institute that cares for innovation. QR Codes were used on business cards and material for specific events. Contents were studied to increase the visibility of information on the website.